Sunday, November 11, 2012

last one! October!

Well October is one of our favorite months around here (second only maybe to December:) So we had some good fall fun this month. I had some fun toddler time with Magnus:)
  And we did some great pumpkin carving with Nani and friend Caleb!
 And we of course celebrated my baby girls first birthday! She decided on Susumu Japanese steakhouse:) Margie made a great cake.  Everyone enjoyed it:) Happy Birthday, Magdalena!
 We also had a great Community group dress up night and I did a poor job of taking pictures of all the great costumes people had, but I did manage to get Blade and the GI Joe from Toy Story on camera:)
I super failed at getting any pictures of the kids trick or treating, but I had a blast running around after Magnus trying to keep him from running into peoples houses! I promise I will take more pictures next month:) So glad I got caught up, now lets see if I can keep it that way:)!

third catch up installment, September

Ok, halfway there to catching up!:) September saw the end of summer, ice cream cones, and smores. And the beginning of school! Mina started 2nd grade this year and Max is a big kindergartener!