Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sissy Visit

My sister Valerie was here last week visiting from Texas! We didn't "do" much but we had fun! I think she probably just came for this....

and this.....
and maybe these:)

Friday my folks came over and I got to finally try out this Lunchbox Laboratory I've been hearing so much about

can I just say, it's all true!
We all had fun stuffing our faces:)
Max really liked the milkshakes

a lot!

He had some help from Papa:)

Magnus liked it too:)

Saturday Max started running a fever so we laid low, Papa made a special breakfast for Mina and Max
 Pink and green grits!

Then he "played" with the kids:)
 We grilled some steaks and celebrated Papa's (belated) birthday
 the way Papa likes to celebrate best....
Marie Calanders PIE!
Sunday we went to Grandma's church (more on that in another blog post:) and then took some cute family photos:)

Thank you so much for coming to visit me Voo! It was so good to see you, I love you!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Big fun weekend

We had a big weekend and I'm just now getting around to blogging about it:) Lexi stayed the weekend with us! Friday night we made our own pizzas!
It was fun!


and after. Yummy!

Saturday we went out for ice cream:)

I don't have to tell you the kids liked it:)
 John looks like he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar!

Magnus liked it:)

then we watched Spiderman!
 Max dressed for the occasion :) We had a nice relaxing afternoon and Lexi got some bonding time with Magnus:)

and Sunday after church we went to friend Stella's 4th birthday!

The kids had fun running around:) Max and Caleb pushed each other around:)

Stella got a Bike!

and Polly Pockets from Mina:)
Cheers to a great weekend everyone

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I can't help it

This is my man

and I love him. And can you blame me?

I love his gorgeous caramel colored eyes, his sly smile and that day old stubble (I love me some stubble!) Lord have mercy:) But it's not all about looks. (I've heard they fade) Someone needs to tell him that, I swear he gets better looking every year since we've been married! Not that he wasn't a good looking boy (yes I knew him then) But my, what a sexy man! There is something sexy to me about a distiguished man, kinda like a George Clooney factor, they just get better looking no matter what. Can I get an amen! I have me a Clooney folks:)
 But I also love just hanging out with him. Like last night, I was just sitting across from him in Chipoltle watching him eat his burrito and thinking "Man I love you, I love just eating burritos with you." (OK yes, and you look hot). I also love and appreciate how hard he works or our family. Not only does he work hard to provide for our family financially, but he works hard so he can have time off to spend with his family! A double whammy! And he is such a loving, engaged father.

and he gave me these...

how great is that? I love you so much honey and I can't believe how wonderful our life together is. I can't wait to see where it will take us next, but at the same time I don't really care, as long as I can sit and eat burritos with you I will be the happiest woman alive!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


We got a special delivery the other day:) John's Aunt Carmen made a special blankie for Magnus! Here he is showing it off:)

Mina got one when she was a baby too:) Here she is with hers.

and Maxi still has his too!

Magnus is glad to have his own now:)

Thank you for the blankies, Aunt Carmen! The kids love to cuddle with them:)

they also love to goof off:)

beautiful, almost 6 week old baby boy!
I LOVE my boys!

and we got to try out what my WONDERFUL husband got for me this weekend.....

the Vita Mix!

John made a frozen whiskey sour! How is it honey?

Then I made some orange sorbet in like 2 min! I'm so excited to make "It's easy being green" smoothies tomorrow morning for breakfast!