Saturday, May 30, 2009

I didn't have to use my AK

I gotta say it was a good day:) How beautiful was it outside anyway? We bummed around all morning, did some shopping after lunch. My man got himself a new shirt at Macy's, and I know I might be a little biased but, Lord have mercy he looks hot in it! I bought the kids a little pool awhile back at Target and have been waiting till it was warm enough to blow it up:) Only I didn't realize I left my electric blower upper at my parents house (OK, it was THEIR blower thing, but it lived at my house for so long it felt like mine.) And boy was I missing it today! I did manage to find one of those foot pumpers thingies and after about half an hour of huffing and puffing we had this...Our little piece of paradise:) The kids had a BLAST!They had to warm up on the deck a bit after awhileNubi was in on that!and then it was time for a "nap"and after a great dinner, we decided to toast the smores I had also bought a little while ago (can you tell I've been ready for summer?!)Max had two Smores (he's very serious about it ya know) and Lord only knows how many marshmallows!Him likea eat!Mina liked it tooSo did Nubi of course!Thank you Lord for such a beautiful day!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Zoo Days

Thursday our playgroup went to the Woodland Park Zoo! We had so much fun and it was a gorgeous day!

First stop, Penguins!

The kids loved the new exhibit:)

The name of this boat is fitting don’t cha think:)

Next stop Gorillas! Mina was excited!

The mama and baby were hangin’ out right by the window! It was sooo cute!

Then we climbed on Gorillas! How Fitting:)

Sweet Little Tate was taking it all in:)

I couldn't help catching this photo op:)

Then we went to a fun playground where Mina got to be a spider!

Mina’s scary spider face!!

Next we went to a beautiful park for a little lunch.

Mina wanted to eat in the shade!

All the Mamas wanted to eat Tate!

Max saw this tractor and NOTHING was stopping him from climbing on!

He LOVED it!

After lunch Mina’s chunks got tired and she got to ride in Dozers stroller!

Thanks Aunt Bop!

The lions were out enjoying the sun too!


We caught a glimpse of a giraffe (my favorite!)

The elephants sure were cute:)

and BIG!

Sweet Mina and Lily:)

Here’s Dozer and a snake that could swallow him whole!

The kids really enjoyed watching the orangutan eat broccoli (you think this will help them eat theirs?) “show mommy how the monkeys eat!”

can you find the orangutan?

This guy had the right idea, he was outside:)

Max could NOT wait to get on the carousel!

Then once he got there he wasn’t too sure:)

He just wanted the mama to ride with him:)

Lily and Addy LOVED it!

So did Mina, Pretty B:)

and then of course on the way home....

We had such a great day. Thanks to all the gals (and gents:) who came out! Daddy bought us a season pass so we will do this again soon!