Sunday, November 30, 2008

Matt's Mohawk hat


Hope you like it dude!

The most wonderful time of the year!

Well I know I've been slacking off on blogging as of late. Why did I decide to make so many darn Christmas presents? You think I would learn one of these years that there aren't enough hours in the day! Well, I guess I do it cuz I LOVE IT!! I hope people like the gifts I make them. Sometimes I think I'm like the aunt in A Christmas Story that sends Ralphie a pink bunny suit! Gee, thanks. Oh well you've been warned. If you're a friend of mine just expect a handmade gift, AND LOVE IT!!!!

Friday we did one of our new Christmas traditions of going to Molbacks the day after Thanksgiving and taking Christmas pictures! Here's some honorable mentions...
Here we are looking VERY enthusiastic about taking pictures
And the Christmas card this year.....
You know you can't wait to get one!
And our impromptu photo shoot at home,
Dada reading a story
my final thought...
I'm glad my husband got so excited about the "work" pants I made him:)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Pick your poison

Well I'm a seasonal person, and so are my drinks. Right now I'm into these....
Dirty, extra dry, shaken (not stirred) with one olive.
Luckily my hubby is the BEST Bartender! I'm a lucky girl!
We saw the new Bond movie this past weekend at my folks ( it was fun, I recommend it if you like Bond flicks, I liked it better then the one before actually). I need to try his. Two parts Vodka, one part Gin, no Vermouth, shaken not stirred with a thin spiral of lemon. Sounds yummy:)
Which reminds me, What your poison?
AND, who's your favorite Bond?
Mine's Sir Sean Connery:)

Holy leftovers Batman!!

We had a great Turkey day!! We started the festivities Wednesday (you know how we like to celebrate early!) Grandma sent some Thanksgiving cards to the kids!
With Money in them!!
Thanks Grandma! We love you!
Then we went to Margie's to start prepping for the big meal!
John injected the Turkey with marinade
and I helped start on John's favorite part....... THE STUFFING!!
My poor mother in law broke her arm!!!!
So guess where Thanksgiving will be this year? Yup! My house! Well at least I had 24 hours notice!
Then we put together puzzles
Why does Max do puzzles with no shirt on? I dunno. He's mysterious:)
The next day was THE BIG FEAST!!
Here is the table all set and ready......
The guys put the turkey in the deep fryer.

It only took like an hour!! I was furiously cooking trying to keep up!!

I know it looks burnt, but the inside was PERFECT! Nice and juicy!
Good Job Honey!
Max opened the wine for us!

Max LOVES Thanksgiving:)
"Mommy, I'm Sooooooo fuuullll."
Actually, I have room for this cupcake the size of my head!!

Max likes it
Do you want some?
The aftermath (with a random sewing machine on the table:)


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blogger Beware!

OK, I know I haven't posted in a week! I've been busy!! Here's what I've been up to this past week. BEWARE! It's a long post! BUT, it's worth it!

So, LAST Sunday I went to/ helped with Noelle Becker's baby shower! Can't wait for that baby Becker!
Here's the cute mommy to be......
The loot...
Some of the tasty treats and the bubblegum "babies":)

I can't resist a pretty Bee picture!
On Tuesday I realized I hadn't folded laundry in a week! Here's my penance......

This is what Max does when he doesn't feel like posing for pictures, "No Cheese!"
Then it was time to clean some stinky kids, Max REALLY liked the new bathtub "finger paints"

Guess who's next?
Nubi's really enthusiastic about his baths!
I decided to make cinnamon rolls from scratch for our "breakfast" parish group!

It was a lot of work!! But fun!

Do you see a resemblance???

I'm sure one tastes (and smells!) MUCH better than the other!
Wednesday we had fun playing with Lily and Addy and got a good nights sleep to get ready to go to Nani and Papa's for the weekend:)

Nani had cute new, warm jammies laid out for the kids and they went right for the toys:)
The boy maestro,

Playin' with Papa.....

Just plain goofin' around

Playing cards with Nani and Papa.

Workin' on a poker face:)

Max found his card!
Thanks Nani and Papa, We had SOOO much fun!!

Well we're home now relaxing, unpacked and catching up on our DVR:)
Hopefully I can keep up with next week!