Friday, April 24, 2009

Peep Show

First you start with this......Put it in here......and watch it.....turn into this.....John loves to blow up peeps in the microwave, so we thought the kids would get a kick out of our little "science experiment". When it was done Mina said " I liked your peep show daddy" We both fell out of our chairs laughing!!

Well I haven't blogged all week so here's what we've been up too....
Monday was gorgeous outside and the kids did a little relaxin':)Wednesday was a big day. Mina's first sleepover! Her little friend Stella stayed with us so her mommy could have some time to pack:)
They had the perfect lunchand princesses must sleep in a castle!They had a lot of fun! let's do it again Stella!Thursday I went to Gene Juarez and got an amazing hair cut and color!Earlier that day went to playgroup and Elizabeth surprised Max and I with birthday gifts! I got a beautiful mug from Starbucks ( I had actually had my eye on it:) and Max got........Drums!! He absolutely LOVES IT!!I need more cowbell!There was some jammin' time with daddy tonightThanks Elizabeth, what great gifts:)
And we also had one of mommy's favorite desserts....Strawberry shortcake!We have a wonderful day planned tomorrow full of wine tasting, massages, and dinner at El Gaucho for my birthday (what a spoiled girl I am!) So I'll have some more good blogging material soon!:)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter it is

Well, Saturday we decided not to go to an egg hunt but we did dye some eggs
Mina helped boil the eggs and they got a little help with the dye:)Max really liked itactually he liked licking the vinegar off his fingers!Mina picked a princess egg dye kit (of course!)and loves her pink Ariel eggMax was proud of histhe master at work!Mommy's "dye"and my creationsMina's eggs:)Our own princess egg village!They were so excited to eat their eggs for "dessert"!I think they were a little disappointedAfter church Sunday we went down to Anthony's for brunchit was yummyLexi and Margie met us thereand so did Auntie Lyssa and uncle John:)Grandma had Easter baskets for the kids (of course) Mina was pretty excited!Max couldn't wait to play with his truckAnd we opened cards form Mammaw JohnnieThank you Mammaw!The cute Easter honeys!and I ACTUALLY finished a project!Mina's chore chart! She LOVES it!Happy Easter everyone!Thank you Easter bunny (bock, bock)

Friday, April 10, 2009

As Promised

OK here is the aforementioned post and adorable pictures of Mina's first day of swim lessons and our WONDERFUL SUNNY day at the beach Monday:)
Mina was VERY excited to start swim lessons this week, and to wear her new Ariel bathing suitShe wanted me to make her hair like PebblesWhat did Max do you ask?Yup, that's how I kept him busy. He REALLY wanted to go in the water!
glad you had fun Mina!
Good job bee:)Monday was SO nice and my friend Leah called up and asked if I wanted to go to the beach!
HECK YEAH! Mina was so excited!The kids really liked Caleb's big bucket O' waterespecially CalebSammy found a big stick, now will he walk softly?Tate had an impromptu photo shootwhat a cutie!Addie had fun making sand castles (you got a little sand on your face there:)Max really had fun in the sandMina was goofy as usualit was so cute to see brother and sister play togetherMy new favorite picture!I'm sure my next post will be Easter pics! Happy Easter!