Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's not even my birthday!

As if I'm not spoiled enough already.....Amazing husband/father adorable kidswonderful home, obedient, un-smelly dog.....wait...scratch that last one, I guess we can't have it ALL:)
BUT I did get this...Unfortunately I'm not writing this post from it. They were out of stock @ Best Buy so I pick it up on Tuesday (when they get more in). But I'm so excited!
I also got this to go with it.....I actually REALLY needed a printer with the school year coming up and all:) And the laptop will be nice too:)
John even replaced my broken camera with this....It's awesome! It has "smart" mode. Which I think should be changed to "stupid" mode because even if your stupid you can take great pictures:) (which works great for me:) So I've been having fun playing around with it today:)
I (hopefully) will be making my next post from my new laptop!
Thanks babe! I'm one truly spoiled girl!:)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Swimming and Birthdays

The kids had their last day of swim lessons last Thursday and Daddy came to see them swim (and take some pictures of course). My favorite part.....when John pulled in behind us and Mina says "there's daddy! I knew he would come. I love my Daddy!" I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who is also such a great dad.
Cute brother and sister!Mina got to swim with a her teacherand Max swam with meIt was great fun to have his best buddy Caleb there to swim with:) And I had fun with Caleb's mommy too:)Then this last Saturday we went to Red Robin to celebrate Lexi and Grandmas birthdays!Max likes Red Robin:)Here's Lex opening her special gift from Grandma and GrandpaWhat elicited such a response?Nice!and it's even pink!! And of course there was cake!Max do you like cake buddy?I'll take that as a yes:)and now some random cute/funny photos from months past, Enjoy......

Thursday, August 20, 2009


What have we been up to?
Well, there's wrestlingWashing dishesWatching movies with Auntie Lexibuilding a tent village (I was actually informed that it is a hyena cave. I'm still not sure how I feel about that)Batman says good hygiene is important!And last weekend we got to go see Nani and Papa!
There were smores!smokey smoresThe kids learned a new game
CHUBBY BUNNY!!the kids LOVE smores:)This one's for YOUNubi waited patiently for hisand Nani loves marshmallows (no those were NOT for everyone:)Cute family photo!Then we went BOWLING!The kids looked so cute in their little bowling shoes:)
Mina liked watching her ball roll down the laneand dancing when the pins fell down!I only got a few pictures before being told that there is no flash photography during league play. (I'm not even joking, at least no one flashed their piece on the lanes:)
My little musicians:)He prefers to be called maestro (yes, even in social settings:)
and a bath in Nani's cool jetted tub!It was the first time they LIKED the bubbles:)Thank you Nani and Papa we had so much fun!
I'll post some pictures about our last day of swim lessons soon.:)