Sunday, February 20, 2011

Presidents day!

Well it's not a holiday that we usually "celebrate" but John received a lovely gift from a friend earlier this week, so we were able to celebrate in style:)

The kids had fun "spreading the seeds" on Obama's head.

Not really sure what they're learning about Presidents Day here, but hey, they're enjoying themselves:)

 Now we wait for the sprouts! I know you're excited!

The directions said to put a bag over it to create a greenhouse effect and help it grow. I thought Obama looked funny with a bag over his head. I'll leave you with this image, which is not in any way meant to be taken as a political statement.

Happy Presidents Day!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Open House!

So this post is a week in the making, but LAST Thursday we had Mina's first open house:) It was so very fun, and cute to see all the stuff she's been working on at school:) First up was a Gymnastics demonstration:)

and what a demonstration it was:)

 Then we got to walk to her classroom and see her work and meet her teachers. All this I do every week but it was nice for John to see what we do every Tuesday:)

Max got to come too!

and so did Magnus of course:)

the kids' favorite part was at the end when they got to play on the gymnastic equipment:)
 All in all it was a fun night. Mina is doing SO well and really loves her school!