Sunday, January 30, 2011

The big ONE!

Yup, remember this?
 Well now it's turned into this!

My once little baby

is now ONE!

Oh my! When (and how) did this happen?! In celebration, Magnus and his birthday buddy Wesley had a little joint celebration:) Wesley's mommy (Addie) had the great idea of a "potato head" themed party! (she's a clever one) and she graciously offered to host the whole affair! The cast of characters:
Wesley, of course

and Magnus.  It wouldn't be a party without him (he had just woken up from a nap).

We had a potato puppet making station
and a spirited round of "hot potato."

There was a baked potato bar, tater tots, potato chips and meatballs (I know the meatballs may seem a bit out of place but it's a long story) OK it's not a long story, my crazy kids like to call sweet Wesley "oval head" which (I think) is what made Addie come up with the "potato head" theme for the party. And they call Magnus "meatball head" so there, that's is why we had meatballs at the party:) He does kinda have a meatball head:)
Pretty miss Mikaelin was there:)

They got some fun gifts!

Addie made an adorable "potato head" cake (thankfully it was NOT made out of potatoes:)

and I made some "potato" ice cream treats:)

it was a hit!

Magnus especially liked the cake:)

OK, well, he liked it all:)

a LOT!:)

Then Magnus really got the party started!
Thank you so much to our dear friends for making our day special!  And especially thanks to Addie for putting it all together and to Wesley for being born.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Big boy day!

So Max got ANOTHER birthday celebration this weekend! Nani and Papa came out to help celebrate! And we went to "Trax" to race cars!
Magnus came for support:)

 He was pretty excited!

Too excited to be bothered with, know, watching to road!

He liked it for a little bit

but after a little fender bender decided that he didn't like it anymore.

On the way out he just kept saying "I don't want to come back here." Oh well, we tried:)
 Later that night it was party time! Spend the night party, that is! The boys wasted no time getting silly:)-Papa included:)
and playing trains! Magnus included!:)

Then it was pizza time!

These boys liked the sparkler candles:)

and the cupcakes!
Magnus too!

Then it was Movie time!! (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was Max's request:)
Magnus can't wait to be a big boy!

Next we moved into the bedroom for a Hot Wheels encore:) Magnus tried to get in on it:)

The boys actually did really well:) They even slept in till 8!! The next morning after eating some cinnamon rolls it was present time!

Hot Wheels from Preston! Max said "Mom, how did Preston know I wanted Hot Wheels?";)

And when he opened Caleb's present he said "It's a.......THIS!":) LOTS of Playmobile knights and mans:) He was SO excited!

And an Optimus Prime Transformer from mom and dad:)

Then everyone enjoyed playing for a bit before heading home:)

It was a great time! Thank you for coming boys!

All Max has been talking about since Christmas is how he wanted to have lunch at the Cheesecake Factory! So Saturday we got the family together and treated our man to a birthday lunch at the Cheesecake Factory:) He was pretty happy about it:)

And so was Magnus:) It was however his birthday celebration too:)

Max guessed it....
 Chicken nuggets.

and a lot more loot!

Magnus made out pretty good too!
Max was excited about the Birthday ice cream

but got a little shy when they came to sing him his birthday song:)

A good time was had by all!

We took home some special strawberry cheesecake for dessert:)

Max, you are the cutest, loving boy. I LOVE being your mommy. You make me laugh everyday and I enjoy seeing how your unique personality comes out more everyday:) We all had a great time celebrating with you! Thank you to everybody for coming out!