Saturday, November 27, 2010


So here it is! Our Thanksgiving in all its glory! We have to back up a little first. It's our tradition to go over to Grandma's house Wednesday night to "inject"/marinate the turkey for the festivities the next day:)

John enjoys this part a little too much I think:)

and then he gets a little crazy!

What were the kids doing during all this you ask? Why sledding of course!

Super fun!

I think Magnus liked Grandma better than the snow:)

And Grandma always likes to spoil these kids with a fun food related (the best kind for them:) craft. Usually it's a gingerbread house, but this year we tried something new.

Oooo, I like this much better!

The kids had so much fun!

It was so much easier to do than the gingerbread house. Not only that but rice crispy treats are super yummy!

Magnus agrees!

And let's see you do this with a gingerbread house!
The next morning it was snowing! And after shoveling our Mountian, I mean, driveway, we headed back over for the feast armed with mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie! First order of duty?
More sledding! I got a chance to do it this time! and so did Magnus:) Again, I think he liked Grandma more than sledding:) Alyssa got some great pictures I'll post when I get them:)

After the oil is nice and hot, it's time to insert the bird! Let the ceremony begin!

Now, we wait. There is always some goofing around while we wait:)
 and some good stuff too
and some manly stuff:)
Is it that time already?

Yikes! I think it's done:)
It was actually very juicy and perfectly cooked on the inside
Everything looks great!
Let's eat!
Everything was SOOOO yummy! Ok, your eating a little too enthusiastically, guys!
and Grandma always has special cupcakes for the kids (I did mention the spoiling earlier, right?).
Another tradition is John and Alyssa breaking the wishbone.
John always wins:) And the kids didn't even make it home before crashing:)
Magnus was napping when the older kids ate their cupcakes so Grandma, of course, sent his home with us:)
um....he liked it
Nuff said

Then we all relaxed and watched Frosty the Snowman:)
As you can see I have SO very much to be thankful for! I love my family so much, both far and near!
Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let it snow!

We had a HUGE snowstorm here today! (please note the sarcasm). But it did start snowing while we were in church and the kids couldn't WAIT to get home so they could go out and play in it:) This was about 30 seconds after we walked in the door:)

As you can see there was A LOT of snow;)

If it looks like there is a glare in the picture it's because I took the photo from inside! It was cold out there! Now don't get me wrong, I love snow. I love watching it fall, covering the ground and tree branches. Just not IN the snow:) This is as close as Magnus got to it:)

Mommy was too cold to bundle the both of us up. Plus the snow melted in like 2 minutes anyway:) But they didn't care!
The forecast said we MIGHT get some tomorrow. We'll see:)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's that time!

So every year we tend to get some crap for decorating for Christmas so early,.... like before Thanksgiving. I would like to assure all those that are offended by our "early decorating" that we in no way "skip" Thanksgiving! We love Thanksgiving! We also, however, love Christmas.  In order to enjoy the ascetics of it to the fullest, we have made it a family tradition to decorate on (or as close as possible to) November 1st.  If you read my last post you will be filled in on why this year is the latest we have decorated, I think ever. But by Thursday we could wait no longer! Our Christmas spirit must shine forth!

We put on our traditional decoratiing movie (Christmas Vacation!) poured up a tall glass of holiday cheer and hopped to it!

The kids were REALLY excited to help:)

They aren't that kind of stockings, buddy:)
 Magnus enjoyed his first year of Christmas decorating!

They sure were excited (and proud) of their little "Nani Christmas trees"!

My mom made these adorable little "customized" trees for the kids last year. Mina's has a princess theme (how fitting) and Max's is cars (of course). They LOVE them, and couldn't wait to put them in their rooms and plug them in!
Mina read Max "The Polar Express" :)

Christmas decorating through Max's eyes:)
Great job, guys!
 Hope this post gets you all in the Christmas spirit!