Thursday, March 26, 2009

New arrival!

Guess what came in the mail Tuesday....NEW KIDS!!
NOOOOOO! I didn't order new kids, what could it be?
A new dog?although we could use one, we love our stinky old one too much
AH HA!A new computer! YAY! Now it needs to be hooked up!:) Can't wait!
Who needs toys? Seriously, my kids played with a box full of peanuts and bubble wrap for hours!
They would have played even longer but we had to put it away for Parish group:)
This week, Esther organized a "Man cook off 2009!"
John brushed up on his skillzmakin' the famous Tom Douglas curried cashew salad with honey, sesame vinaigrette. Yummy!Arthur making his family recipe biscuits and gravy. It was quite tasty!Lyle made homemade lemon meringue pie! Very impressive!Tim's oven roasted chicken (it sounds like a restaurant chain!) was my second favorite.and I failed to get a picture of TV with the yummy lasagna he made:( I'VE never even made lasagna! Nice job dude!
And the winner is.........Nice job honey! I knew you were as good as I thought you were!
$15 Starbucks gift card! (Nice prize Tanders! Thanks!)
It was fun, good sportsmanship all around. There were only a few incidents of vote buying!:)

Friday, March 20, 2009

A wee bit O' Parish group

This week for Parish group Whitney organized a St. Patties day feast! It was great fun! They even brought the tunes:)And we of course the green beer:)
You gotta' have a little bit of thisand of course thatThe kids were sporting the green and orangeThanks Whit! We had a great time:)Then Wednesday I Took Mina, Max, Lily and Addy to the Library for story hour....Well they did other things too:)Then it was time for....Pinocchio! Good times:)
And here's the kiddo's sporting their new robes!Gotta' love the cuteness:)

Monday, March 16, 2009

I heart "Just for Kids"

Well I decided to go to "Just for kids" today to pick up "a pair of shoes" for Max for summer. Well I came out with......Look at all the cuteness! Summer clothes for the boy, bathrobes for both kids (Pirate and Pink Flamingos:) and of course....SHOES! The aforementioned summer shoes for Max and another pair. And although Mina needs NOTHING I couldn't pass up the "Dorthy" shoes or those adorable pink shoes! Isn't it great to be a girl Mina?:)
And don't forget about Mama!I know the sign says "just for kids" but I guess it's just for kids at heart. EVERYTHING was cheaper than Value Village (which isn't saying much) and Monday's are 20% off all clothing! If you live around Everett it's the pink Victorian house on Beverly, you can't miss it:)

For dinner tonight I found Thisat Trader Joe's. Hmmm...I usually make a (great if I don't say so myself) Cauliflower side dish to eat with our grilled chicken Monday meal but I thought the "broccoflower" looked clever. It was quite tasty! John and I have been looking for good BBQ sauce with no HFC (It's not as easy as it looks) BUT we found this at Albertsons SundayRaspberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce. It's like sweet & sour sauce from HELL. It was AWESOME!!I recommend it. I've been looking for things to dip in it:)
After dinner the kids did this...I dunno, but they kept fighting over who got to play with the trash can!! Kids:)And of course, Mina had to put on her Dorothy shoes:)
There's no place like home:)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Bithday Caleb!

We went to little Dozer's 2nd birthday! Can't believe he's two!
Who could ask for a cuter birthday boy?Kids love juiceAdults love pizza:)Cute Aunt Suzie took the St.Patrick's day theme seriously!The MamaCute sisters!The Dadaand of course there was cake!Elizabeth made this cute guitar cake complete with the yummiest pistachio cupcakes! Thanks Elizabeth! I'm glad I don't know how to make them:)Do I need to tell you the kids like the cake?Although I think Georgie just liked the frosting!:)Can you tell these two are brother and sister?Max did you like your cupcake?Gift timeThe best gift of all....A guitar! Just like Daddy:)Of course Max had to give it a tryDaddies little rock star:)John really enjoyed the "goodie" bags we got. Oh wait , were those for the kids?!Happy Birthday Caleb!