Saturday, August 28, 2010

That's how we do

Last weekend we watched a friend's puppy, Buddy! He's so sweet and cute! And him and Nubi got along well:)
 Sunday we had lunch with our dear friends, the Vanderhoffs.

The kids enjoyed playing with pizza dough:)

Hey Tim, that's for the kids;)

Seems like yesterday we had these two beauties...

but that was then, and this is now:)

They're still beauties:)  I'm not sure what's happening here, but the boys were having fun.

Magnus approved!

Thank you so much Tim, Esther, Georgie, Gideon and baby! We miss you terribly but it was so good to catch up and we will see you again soon!  Then we had a visit from Auntie Lyssa!
 We spent Tuesday on the deck, playin in the pool

bein' crazy:)
 takin some pictures

and Wednesday she came to swim lessons to watch those crazy kids swim!

And swim they did!!  Daddy got to come too.

Mina wanted to jump off the diving board!

but.....then she got ON the diving board

Auntie and Daddy said they would give her a dollar if she did it:) But it didn't help

so she got some help

and she loved it!
 She wanted to go again, but she still needed a hand:)

When we got home she made sure they paid up!

The next day we took a little walk through "the jungle" (as Max called it:)
 He asked if there were any "gawiwas" (gorillas) in there. Mina said "No Max, they only come out after lunch.":)
we ended up at...
the beach! Magnus liked the beach!

The kids got some new floaties, like Caley and Amelia's:), that they couldn't wait to play with
and they were off!

there was much playing

and munching:)
 we got a train show too!

It was such a beautiful day!
 Mina found a little crab

and look what washed up on the beach!

Magnus really liked splashing in the water!

and this shot was taken as I was dropping my camera in the water to pick  him up when a wave knocked him over!
 He didn't seem to mind. My camera on the other hand was not quite as happy:( As shown by these cute photos of Max

Thank you for coming to visit, Auntie Lyssa! We had so much fun, let's do it again soon!

My camera is now at Bust Buy getting "repaired" I do have a back up camera but it's kinda broken, so I may have less pictures and therefore less blogging material over the next couple of weeks:( BUT my folks are here this weekend so I'm sure to have at least a few pics of that. And school starts soon! Not as soon as everyone else mind you (Sept 21st) but hey, that's why I love homeschooling:) I'll definitely have pics of her "first day":)
Where did summer go?