Sunday, June 27, 2010

The newness

Some things we've been up too:
Magnus got to try out biter biscuits for the first time

He really liked it:) He couldn't quite hold on to it, when he would drop it he would scream until I gave it back to him:)
 and he had one this morning for breakfast

and Nubi got to be a baby
and Mina stole the camera again to take some pictures. I'm fond of this one:)

Today we got to see something new.......

Margie's NEW HOUSE!! In Bothell (Mill Creek area) 3 bedroom 2.5 baths 1,400sqft .Here's the tour

You'll have to imagine it without all our crap everywhere:)
 The family room (the house was staged and some furniture still has to be removed, it's not Margie's)

Nice kitchen

and a cute fully fenced yard

Lexi's room!
 She liked this room because there are horses behind the house and she can see them out the window

Mina and Max claimed this room:)

the Master bedroom (not a great pic, it's bigger than it looks and has  full bath)

and one of the 2.5 baths
 So exciting! It'll be fun to help you decorate Margie! and I'll keep you updated. Closing is July 25th
Magnus liked it (or maybe it's just Auntie Lexi:)

and later this afternoon we (FINALLY!!) got to enjoy some summer weather the best way we know how...
 Margarita's on the deck!
Magnus enjoyed the sun!

and we got this out too

Here's to the appearance of summer! PLEASE stay for awhile!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Catchin' up

Here's some pictures I took with my phone from last weekend, enjoy:)

 Max sure did have fun in Fresno! Not many pictures but he did return with a pocket full of money from Poppi that was burnin' a hole! So we went and got what he had been wanting....

Bumblebee mask! Iron Man and Bumblebee had a battle royal that night!
 I'm not sure who won, but it was past Bumblebee's bedtime so we called it a draw:)

and Wednesday night we went to friend Caitlynn's 8th birthday party. Guess what she got...

a puppy! Every little girls dream:) She named him buddy:)

we had a dog bone cake of course:) and homemade ice cream, yummy!
Magnus had a buddy there, 6 week old Drake. Hard to believe they are only like 3 months apart. Magnus looks so huge!

and Magnus got some "walking" time

and Thursday we had a fun playdate with friend Jen and her beautiful daughter Emma:) Max found some super cool Star Wars figurines that talked and fought each other!

You can guess where he spent the afternoon!

and Mina had fun with the balloons:)

Thank you Emma and Jen! We had fun!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


so LAST Sunday we went to a birthday party for our friend Paul Rand (not Rand Paul, Paul Rand). Magnus got to hang out with the birthday boy and discuss politics:)

and Mina and Max got to hang out in Sofia's play house!

It was BIG fun!

so was eating strawberries

I didn't get any pictures of the super yummy red velvet cake Paul's mom made. Or the birthday boy blowing out his candles. All twenty nine of them! He's still in his twenties, aww how cute:)
On Wednesday we got all packed for Max and Daddies trip to Fresno for great grandma's birthday!

Max went around the house "packing" things in his new big boy "packpack"

He was SO excited to spend the night at grandma's house

Hope you have fun buddy!
Meanwhile Mina, Magnus and I went to visit Nani and Papa! Of course there was a new outfit awaiting Mina when she got here
 and Nani had gotten a bead set for Mina to make some necklaces and bracelets.

Papa helped:)

Mina showing off here wares. They were very "fashion" and made her a "rock star"

Magnus and Papa enjoyed some time outside

and Magnus tried on Papa's cool shades he got at the eye doctor:)

and practiced some more UFC poster looks:)

It was 85 degrees on Saturday so we went to the splashpark!!

 The adults enjoyed the sun

and the homemade Pico De Gallo and Guacamole we brought to snack on!

and Magnus got to play at the splash park for the first time

He seemed to enjoy it, as long as water wasn't splashing on his face!

He had fun with his Papa

and Nani too!

Mina sat down long enough to enjoy a cookie

and some time with Papa

Magnus got to learn more about grass

and chill

He was having fun in the sun

until he got sleepy:(

time to head home:) Papa and Mina watched Alice in Wonderland while Nani and I went to get our nails did and we enjoyed some yummy stuffed salmon for dinner. Then it was time to wash some stinky kids!

This was Magnus' first time in Nani's tub!

I'm not sure if he's playing with the duck or the duck is playing with him!

We had a great weekend! Thank you Nani and Papa!