Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Hallows Eve

Friday we went a got us some punkins to carve
These kids were sure excited to get started
Max said "Look! I have pumpkin cheeks!"
they dove right in
Mina was a natural
Lexi helped Max with his
 Max was in charge of fishing out pumpkins seeds
and apparently doing this

Mina carved her's all by herself! Seriously I did absolutely nothing.
Great job Bee!
Lexi/Max's turned out great too
I was told that It's the Mad Hatter:) And there was much more silliness...
Tonight we went to the "Harvest Festival" at John's mom's church:) First they had to get all dolled up
Then we headed out
First we played a few games
and then we saw this
The reptile guy!
It was pretty cool! The kids really liked it. This was their favorite
I mean who wouldn't like something this cuddly!
Magnus enjoyed his first Halloween!
After some more games (read, candy snatching) we got some McD's for dinner and the kids couldn't wait to dig in to their loot!
Happy Halloween Everybody!!

She did it!

After the last episode Mina was VERY excited to try jumping off the diving board again!
She did SO well! We are very proud of you Bee!
Max did well in his class too!
They are both enjoying swim lessons!
John rewarded them with some ginger root
I'm not sure he liked it so much:)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Stuff

Yeah OK, so I haven't been posting a lot lately. I've been busy with kids and homeschooling and life. It's all good but not much pictures so I'll put together some pics from the last couple of weeks:)
The kids have been enjoying swim lessons

 Max's class got to jump off the diving board yesterday! Max didn't get anywhere near that action! But here is daredevil buddy Caleb.
This is more Max's speed:)

My folks came for a visit this past weekend

We did a lot of hanging out as usual

and the kids wanted to show Nani and Papa their Halloween costumes since they wouldn't be here for it
  Magnus wasn't too sure about his:)
 Yesterday we had quite the windstorm! Remember this from last year? Well, we had a repeat

 Yeah, here is where it used to be!

Today at Women's group we had a little Halloween party! Here's some of the cute costumes

Raphael looked cute on the pony:)
 and Wesley won the costume contest! (in my opinion)
 Addie brought crafts for the kiddos!

tonight Magnus got to try something new
Grandma brought these back from her trip to Eastern Washington. The bigger kids already ate theirs:)

 It's a little chocolate covered marshmallow on an ice cream cone

I could be wrong, but I think Magnus likes it:)