Monday, December 26, 2011

Wrong Holiday

So I never did get around to posting about Thanksgiving! (Something about changing diapers, non-stop nursing, and a weekend in the hospital or something.) I thought I better hop to it seeing as Christmas is over and all that!


We started the day off right, with all you can eat homemade cinnamon rolls and cranberry pistachio biscotti:)
And I quickly put my mom and sister to work in the kitchen:)

John and John got the turkey started.
John had to stick around and "keep an eye on the turkey."

We had a good 'ol fashioned throw down this year for Thanksgiving! One sage roasted turkey (mine!) and one Cajun fried turkey (John's).
I will say that I emphatically won the throw down. And I'm not biased at all;)
This was the best picture of dinner that I got:(
What was I doing?
What I always seem to be doing!
The cousins had fun:)
Magnus really was having more fun than this pictures portrays:)
Max too!
After dinner Uncle John got to hold his new neice for the first time!
And Mamaw got some face time too:)
She enjoyed looking at all the kids baby books with Mina:)
Mina was so excited to wear matching outfits with Kanani:)
And you know what time it is after Thanksgiving....


Saturday, December 3, 2011


Well, I'm sure you've all noticed that it's been a little cold around here on my blog front. It's almost like I've had something better to do with my time.  Well, I have:) Magdalena is wonderful and beautiful and I enjoy holding her and cuddling every night. (And I never fall asleep holding her on the couch. Nope, doesn't happen;) But I have been greedy by not sharing our wonderful life and beautiful kids with all of you:) I've decided in light of recent events to change my blog up a bit and mainly have one big monthly recap post. So without further ado, I give you........NOVEMBER!

Well November began with a bang! We had a baby! Yeah, if your unaware of that you clearly don't know me well enough to be reading this;) I actually did mange to blog about the big day here if you missed it:) So what did we do the day after we got home from the hospital you ask?
Why decorate for Christmas, of course! It's our crazy family tradition to decorate for Christmas the day after Halloween, and since we were a little busy that day, the next day works just as well:) The kids got into it.
So did Nani and John:)
I mainly pointed and supervised.  Oh, and nursed a baby and napped;)
Even Lena enjoyed herself:)
What did we do with the little fat one?
Put him in his highchair and fed him Halloween candy until we were finished!:D  Then we let him put the star on the tree:)
Lots of family fun and love!
All finished!
Now what?

Then Lena had her first bath!
Grandma and Poppi came by for the festivities:)

After some light reading with Daddy, she got to meet Papa!
Lena had some presents to open from Grandma, Lexi, and Poppi.

I took some cute "before" pictures of Magnus before his first haircut!
Then I forgot to take an after! I'll blame "baby brain". You'll see it soon enough;)


We had so many events this month! My Sissy and her family came to visit!! I KNOW she came to see me and only me:)
This picture was taken less than 5 minutes after they arrived!
And Mamaw came out too!! Also to uh, see me:)
We all had an amazing photo session the next day and then my kids promptly got sick with the stomach flu! That was a good day for my sister's family to explore Seattle, and luckily we were only out for one day:) We then decided it would be big fun to all go.....
BOWLING!! Mamaw and Lena kept score:)
Max got some tips from uncle Doug:)
What did Magnus think of bowling?
He was very upset that he had to throw his ball away! Nani and Papa had to physically hold him to keep him from following the ball down the lane!:)
He got the hang of it after awhile:)
and Lena got in on the action:)
Mama and Val won for the "adults" (I'll use that term loosely;)
and MINA was #1 for the kids:)
Papa had the lowest score of everyone!
Then we had a yummy Burger King lunch:)
They also had a swim day and a movie spend the night party with Nani and Papa at their fancy hotel:) It was BIG fun, but I have no pictures because I was not allowed to come:)

Well I know I said this was the November post but considering the amount of fun we had this month I think I will save the Thanksgiving post as a separate one on its own:) That and my eyes are going cross!