Sunday, February 12, 2012

The New

Quite a lot went on this January.  There's the whole New Years thing, and a couple of birthday boys, and snow.....SO lets get to it!

New Years

We spent our new years at our churches second annual New Years Bowling Bonanza! A few people showed up
  The kids loved it:)
Mina's new American Girl doll had a bowling outfit too!
And we got to share a lane with Miss Ruby:)
Good times! I'm glad that this is our family's New Years tradition:) Gotta make sure to get there early though!


Magdalena turned two months and was able to get her ears pierced! She was really excited:)
But she did protest a little;)
This only lasted a minute or two, and then she was back to her regular charming self:)

Belated Party

Mina finally got to have her birthday lunch at Red Robin!
John had a blast;)
and the boys racked up!
We love our Bee!
Max's Birthday

The next day was Max's birthday, and since my guy loves breakfast so much I thought I would make him some special pancakes!

They were a big hit:)
I made some fun monster cupcakes that night to take to community group, but I guess I took no pictures of them:(

Boys Birthday dinner

Well in case we hadn't been to enough restaurants and eaten enough, we also had a family celebration at Blazing Onion to celebrate both the boys' birthdays:)

There were gifts
and love
and cake!
I love me some boy!


In case you missed it, we had quite a bit of snow here in the Northwest and the kids had a BLAST! You can read my snow post here if you missed it but here are the highlights:)


Mina was in a drama class last semester, and when the semester was over they had a little recital to show what they had worked on:)
The boys enjoyed it:)
It was cute:)

More Birthdays!

Next it was time for Magnus' birthday breakfast!
Big boy!
Cute boy!!
I couldn't decide which of these pictures I liked better so I'll post them both:)
Happy Number 2, Magnus! And not to be outdone I made homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches and cake pops for birthday dessert!

They were a hit!

More Birthday celebration, seriously?!

Auntie Lyssa missed the boys' birthday dinner, so she stopped by with some goods!
Magnus loved his new "ooes" ADIDAS!
Thank you, Auntie Lyssa!
Magdalena enjoyed herself:)
Well, as you can see we had an entire month of celebrating! February has been more low key, but I'm sure I'll at least have a few pictures to share:)