Thursday, July 30, 2009


Today I had a great group of gals over for a playday! It was superfun, we usually get together every Thursday, and during the summer months we go to the park or the beach. But with the weather so HOT and since I have air conditioning I invited the gong over here:) It actually wasn't too bad outside and the kids all enjoyed the kiddie pools.and the mamas enjoyed chatting:)and goofing off!Then some lunch.Maggie really liked the peach her mama gave her! Look at these cute boys sharing an apple:)and those adorable chunkos!now Nubi's ready for a nap:)Thanks ladies I had a great time today!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Before and After

First of all I have to post this adorable picture of Max with his best bud Caleb. Caleb got a new "Max haircut" aren't they just the cutest! I mean *cough* manliest:)-Please ignore that Max has on a pink Ariel swim diaper under his fierce skull and crossbones swim trunks- Hey he's secure with his masculinity:)
Well Thursday my friend Rene' and I made some jam! I would say we used our yummy berries we had just picked, but... we decided to get some strawberries at Costco and use those!! It worked out great! It was really easy and fun, and one container made like 20 cups of jam!
First you moosh it all upyummy goodness
here is Rene' "stirring constantly!" Go Rene'!and here I am filling up my jars:)Goooooood stuff! I made half with the "low sugar" pectin and half regular. I have to say I like the low sugar MUCH better. The other is SOOOO sweet. Although the low sugar isn't quite as gelatinous, but that's OK:) BeforeAfterI had a lot of fun Rene'! Thanks for letting me come mess up your kitchen:) We should do this every year:)
Today we had family day outside:) Here the cute honey's getting ready.My friend Kathy let me come dig up some of her raspberry plants, so I worked on getting those planted. BeforeAfter. I have to admit, it looks kinda sad! John says it looks like she-ot, and I have to agree. I guess I planted them too far apart. I'm hoping that it will fill in some, but I don't want to look at that for another year! I also don't want to replant them. Hmmmm, we'll see what mother nature has in mind:)
What did John do? He tamed the mint!!Mojitos anyone?Also beforeand after. My sad little basil plant I've been trying to grow inside. He just wasn't happy there. I'm hoping this new location will improve his mood a bit.
And lastly, one of our many family traditions (OK, this is the first year but it WILL be a tradition:) Planting pumpkins for Halloween!!
Mina's readyI had to keep Max from eating the seeds!Dig a little hole and drop the seeds inGood job guys!I'll keep you posted on the progress:)
And how do I keep my laundry so fresh?It must be my Pug fabric softener!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What we've been up to

Yeah, so I haven't blogged in awhile. I'm blaming on the fact that my camera is (semi) broken and I haven't been taking nearly as many pictures. I've also been, well......pregnant. What, you didn't know? Oh, I never told you? Well, yeah, I'm about 12 weeks now. Due February 1st. And I have been extra tired as of late. so my spare "computer" time has been well spent sleeping:) But we did take the kids to the Edmonds Farmers market weekend before last.
The kids had hot dogs, and yummy cupcakes!It was serious business:)
And my wonderful husband bought me some beautiful flowers. The weather was great, and we had a great family day:)
I also changed these nasty pillows
(please ignore the barbies stuffed behind the pillow, thank you)into these pretty ones:) It was much needed.and there has been lots of cuddling:)This past weekend we went to my folks house in Richland. It was quite hot (102) but we had a blast! All the pictures were taken with their unbroken camera so I have to talk my mom into sending me some so I can post them. Sorry no pics this time:( But the kids went bowling and to see the movie "Up". John and I had a great date day for our anniversary on Saturday. It was really nice to get away for the weekend:) Thanks Mama and Daddy!
And TODAY we went berry picking with friends!These kids are some good pickers, let me tell ya!and Max is a good eater too:)The farm was small but it was kinda nice because they could play on the playground while we picked!and there were goats!We had a nice picnic lunch and headed to another farm to get some Raspberries.I'm not complaining because I love this weather we are having but it was HOT out there!! We didn't last to long at the second farm:) But those kids picked!Here's the loot...
6.5lbs of blueberriesand about4lbs of raspberries.YUMMY!!!
My friend Rene' and I are going to make jam on Thursday! Neither one of us had done it before so I'll post pics of our escapades on Thurs:)