Friday, November 4, 2011


Well I'm so glad that I actually DO have something better to write about for Halloween, other than the kids trick or treating in their cute costumes:)
Announcing the arrival of Miss Magdalena "Lena" Margaret Gaitan!
She was born Monday October 31st at 7:40pm. Weighing 7lbs 2oz. and 19 inches in length:)  The birth went very well and Magdalena is healthy and happy! My mom made it just in time to see her being born and my wonderful mother in law had the other 3 munchkins at her house overnight! The next morning Magdalena got to meet the rest of her family!
Big sissy was beside herself!
 and can't wait to do "everything" with her:)
Max is the sweetest big brother
 Magnus was a little oblivious but was (and has been) very sweet with her:)
 Poppi came out just to see her:)
 and auntie Lyssa:)
and Nani was happy to be there
 She also got to meet auntie Lexi later in the day
We all keep wondering just who this baby looks like!:) So I thought I'd put up a little reminder of what the other 3 looked like when they made their appearance:) First up: Mina
Then comes Max:
And Magnus:)
Here's Lena again
What do y'all think?
Here are a few more fun family pics from the big day!
 Oh yeah! I can't forget the going home outfit:)

I'll try to get another post up soon about our Christmas decorating!:)