Monday, December 28, 2009

Thanks for Christmas!

Well we were all tuckered out on Christmas morning and slept in till 10! It was awesome! I had some homemade cinnamon rolls I had made to warm in the oven for breakfast and then we let the gift opening commence:)

Nubi's ready

so is Mina

Cute honey!

Everyone needs their Santa hats!

and cameras!

Mama and Daddy got the traditional fruit gems, and a gift card to Anthony's!

Mina got Velma!! (her favorite Scooby Doo character- go figure:) She got all the others too:)

John got the perfect gift:)

So did Mama!:)

Max liked everything I think:)

My mom got a special gift...What is it Ma?:)

Oh! A laptop!

Stockings are always a hit

Max needed a little help from Papa

We saved the big gifts for last:) Mina got a huge Barbie castle!

and Max got a huge train set!

Then it was time to cook Tom turkey!

and play:)

Poor Papa and Dada spent the day putting the train set together:)

Great job guys! Max LOVES it!

Mina tried on her wares:)

Max got some cool crayons that write on glass, so the family made a little mural on the back door

everyone got in on it

thanks for your contribution, honey.

The "glow stations" the kids got were a big hit

they are pretty cool:)

Then it was time!

Hey! No cheating!


Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you had as wonderful of a season as we did! Thank you to all our friends and family:)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eves:)

So for the rest of Christmas eve... We went to the Christmas eve service at John's mom's church:)

 My folks (and grandma) joined us this year! Pretty Auntie Lexi was there too:)

 It was a nice candlelight service, which the kids liked:)

 They even got to go on stage and sing:)

Too bad they were in the back and you couldn't see them at all! No good pictures!

After the service we went back to Margie's for a feast of Ham and all the trimmings!

While I was helping get dinner set up Mina decided to take my camera and capture some candid photos. The Dada..

 Cute pic, Bee. Uncle John,

 Auntie Lexi,

Auntie Lyssa,

Oops, watch the flash:) Grandma,


The Mama,

Ok, I know one part of me is a bigger target than the rest, but come on!

That's better. Where's Papa?

Silly Papa!! Sweet Mamaw:)

Nice picture taking Bee! Let the feasting begin!

After dinner was present time!

 John still had a birthday gift to open

I think the favorite overall was the whoopee cushion Max got from Auntie Lyssa!

It was too funny!

and Max liked his Scooby Doo card

The traditional Seinlfeld gift for Uncle John

A candy bar with a knife and fork! Mina loved her Ariel jammies and blanket

then it was time to eat Christmas cookies! You don't have to tell Max twice:)

Thank you everyone for a wonderful evening! Next up, Christmas Day!!