Saturday, July 23, 2011


OK, granted some of these pictures were from the other day that we had sun here in Seattle but here are some pictures of us enjoying all 2 days of it:) Here's to many more!
Last week we went to grandma's for some slippin' and slidin':)
 Even Magnus go tin on it:)
and he enjoyed a ball:)
All the crazy kids had fun!
and then came the Popsicles:)
Magnus liked that part
and when he finished his, he found someone elses to steal!
It wasn't sunny but we went to the Mill Creek Festival last weekend. Max got to be a firefighter:)
 Mina too
and they got fun airbrush tattoos:)
And today on this lovely sunny day we had a great BBQ dinner and SMORES!
started out a little smokey
But Magnus jumped right in!
John prefers a stogie for dessert:)
after toasting
 you gotta put um put together
then it's yummy time!
and time for philosophical conversation around the fire:)
then some loving
and craziness!
and Mina lost her second tooth!
she is SO excited for the tooth fairy! Which reminds me, I better get to fairying:)
Love my family, love the sun, love my family in the sun! More please!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fabulous Fashion Sleepover!

OK so it HAS been over a week but Mina had friends Ainsley and Emma over for a sleepover! They were quite the fashionistas!
Magnus even got knighted by a beautiful princess
I didn't get a ton of pictures of all the crazy fun but one of the highlights was the splash park!
Everyone loved it!

Max's muscle shot!
Actually I think he was just cold;) and there was park time:)
Cute brothers:)
Mina just hung around on the monkey bars!
the monkey!
and swings
and Magnus had fun too:)
and Mina got to try grapefruit for the first time!
We had so much fun with Emma and Ainsley! Mina is already asking when they get to stay over again:)