Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Advent

I almost forgot that TODAY is the first Sunday of Advent! Oh my:) Well luckily I got a reminder (thanks Rene') and I ran out to the garage and got our Advent wreath we made last year:) The kids helped put it together again:)

 They really enjoyed it

John explained a little about advent, read some bible verses and then lit our first candle.

  I didn't have time to go get some purple candles so we made do with what we had:)

I think all the talk of Jesus' birthday confused Max, so when we lit the candle he clapped and then tried to blow it out! So cute:) At least we still have time to work on the boy:)

 After we had some of these for dessert!

Mina said "I bet Jesus likes these!"
I bet you're right little Bee:)

Have a wonderful Advent season!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I hope all ya'll have as wonderful of a Thanksgiving as we did! Our family tradition? We go to John's Mom's house and deep fry a Turkey! Yummy! The boys get the oil started

and then we set the table

 and work on a little craft

Thankful turkey napkin rings:)

Margie made the cutest Happy Thanksgiving sign! I want one!

Then it's time for the main event

the spectators were happy

We all got to hang out a bit:)

Now the moment of truth

Great job honey! It must be the beer and butter marinade!

 Carvin' time. Save the neck for me Clark.

Max was camping out at the table (shocking:)

Who's ready to eat?!

Yeah we know YOU are buddy!

Even Nubi got a plate!:) It was gooooooooood! Grandma always gets a special dessert

Hey buddy, do you want to eat your cupcake?

you need to eat one more bean.

Not even for this?

Have it your way! no cupcake for our stubborn boy! How bout you Mina?

She knows the good stuff:) Then we go around the table and say what we are Thankful for. Everything was going great... until we got to Max. "What are you Thankful for buddy?" He sat and thought for a minute and then said, "Nofing!" Oh man! That about sums up Max:) How can you hate on Thanksgiving?! Leave it to our little man! But we love him so....

Poor John has to do the clean up

Then our good friends the Susterichs' stopped by for some neck hugs:)

and for the finale, we go through the sale papers and make out Christmas lists to share. And to pick our secret stocking Santa:) I'm not telling who I got! The aftermath...

Just after we got back home my folks showed up for the weekend:) Look what my mom brought with her

One for Mina

One for Max

So cute! Do you think the kids liked them?

Um, yeah

and they knew just where to put them:)

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pre-Thaksgiving times!

Well I guess since it's after midnight as I write this it is technically Thanksgiving:) We've had a great weekend. Last weekend was finished off with a 3rd birthday party for Max's friend Giddeon:) It was big fun:) There was playing,

Max got a lesson in playing cars and trucks with "big boy" Bookie:)


 and of course,


Esther tied candy to balloons to give the kids. So cute! I will have to steal this idea:)

Crazy Max:)

Happy Birthday Gidders!

Tonight we went to Grandmas to inject the turkey and get it ready to deep fry tomorrow! (well again, technically, today:)

John get's a little too into his work!!

Beer and butter injected, mmmmmm, "This will be the one they will remember me by"

For dinner...

and Grandma had a treat for the kids

Gingerbread house! Mina & Max approve

I helped!:)

There were also gingerbreadmen to decorate!

Mina made Daphne (shocking)

and this one she said is Dada:)-so cute-and the likeness in uncanny:)

I've heard that all good chefs are messy,

so Max must be, like, the best chef ever!:)

Run, run, as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!

How'd the house turn out you ask?

Don't ask.
To be continued.....