Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A new guitar hero has been born

Last week we went over to my best friend Leah's house, and by we I mean I took my kids and left them with her and went to get my hair cut! (OK so I stayed and chatted a bit) -which is actually what I'm doing again tomorrow to get my hair colored! Don't you wish you had friends this great!?
My kids loved the little kitchen!Mina's beautiful best friend Lily!Chef extraordinaire!This is what happens when we get bored around the Gaitan household....Torture our dog!Come on, he makes a cute Homer doesn't he?
But we DO love 'em!And here's Mina playing guitar hero!OK so not really, but when I told my mom that Mina was putting Max's superhero cape on the guitar my mom said "maybe she's trying to play guitar hero!" I know it's a corny joke, but now you can see where I get my sense of humor from:)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shiver Me Timbers!

The kids got to play with one of Max's birthday presents from Grandma....A Pirate bathtub set!!!They had a blast! (No pun intended) Thanks Grandma!YAR! Surrender the booty!These are some cute (clean!) kids:)Speaking of cute kids....Our friends' little daughter Ela looked so cute all dressed up on Tuesday!
Just for my cousin Joel:) THIS is what happens when I leave MY 4 year old alone with markers!!!....In her defense, she said it was a tattoo like Daddy. Can you really get mad at that? I say "Walk the plank!"

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Well, we did it. We broke down and got the trendy new iPhone. And it's everything we thought it could be. We've spent like 12 hours getting things set up and downloaded (and we're STILL not done!) But it sure is fun!!John really likes his! (or maybe it's the martini)
It really is cool. At least so far it lives up to all the hype:)And Mina got the 4 year old girl equivalent......Ariel Sheets!!
She could NOT wait to put them on!I love her!
Here's to good times and fun toys:)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Is this thing on?

Technology continues to allude me, and John and I are planning on getting iphones , so I think my head is going to explode soon!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mellow Yellow Baby

Well I've been "takin' 'er easy" this week and I've had a wonderful husband and beautiful friends to care for me:)

Monday Elizabeth came over with her son Caleb and we all took a trip to the Library!
The cute boys "working" on the computers.Then it was off to McD's for chicken nuggets and playtime:)She also took me to Target AND brought us dinner! What a great gal. Thanks so much Elizabeth:)
Leah brought us yummy enchiladas Tues. night. and we stuffed our faces:)Thank you so much sweetie!
Last night Max got to open a birthday card form Grandma!It had money in it!did he care!NOPE!
He just liked the "aboat"Then John gave the kids a bathand we were treated to some good old fashioned pug wrestling!John won in the second round by tap out due to rear naked choke!
And today my good friend Esther came over with lunch and left with my kids! Pretty good deal for me!
Cute kids eatingShe's keeping them till tonight so Hubby and I can have a much needed date night!(Thank You!)
I'm so excited, I think we might go to Arnies, yummy!
Thanks to all for your love, support and prayers.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Max's birthday part 2 + Christmas part 5!!

Well, Saturday we went out to dinner to celebrate our little man! We had to go somewhere where he could enjoy his new favorite past time....Dipping! Our first choice was Tony Romas which is apparently closed and out of business!! (Who knew?) So we were off to Chevy's which is apparently owned by the same company and is ALSO closed and out of business! We were striking out! But the third times a charm, Applebee's! And it's unanimous..
One out of every one Max prefers the taste of Red Robin honey mustard over Applebees:) Not that it stopped him!Here's some of the loot.Cute sweatshirt outfits from Great grandma and Poppi (Thank you!)
Mom made a cape for Max the Marvelous!And the best gift of all, from Grandma! His very own Ed Hardy T shirt!Just like Dada!At home it was of course time again for....
Sunday when we went to church my good friend Esther had a bag full (who am I kidding it was more like 3 bag fulls!) Of gifts for Christmas and birthday. So when we got home it was time for another round of opening Christmas presents!!
My cute dish cloths she crochetedMina got a dress up skirt she says is "Dorothy"and a cute fuzzy purseMax got the cutest Hoodieand coloring book w/ crayons! He LOVES having his very own crayons:)She also gave some of her tasty chocolate covered peanut butter balls (I won't post any pictures of us eating them!) Thanks again Esther!

Friday, January 9, 2009

My baby boy!

I can't believe it's been two years! Only two years ago we were coming home with this....And last year we had this......We should have known we were headed for this......Max had a GREAT (low key) birthday! Nani and Mina baked a cake.Cookie Monster, how appropriate.
Then it was time to get a nice fresh haircut (which Max loves)!Nani to the rescue...Now that's a handsome boy!That's quite a tough look on your face Max, but I'm not sure the blanket fits in with the look you've got going:)We decided to strike the Christmas Deco.Mina had to "try on" all the ornaments.Nani conquered the Christmas tree!Then while the boys stayed home, you guessed it,the girls got pedicures!
Mina got her nails painted.Then it was home to make dinner, and Max's favorite part...C.A.K.E ! And cookies and cream ice cream of course:)He devoured all!!!!Max opened a present from Nani...Car sheets! For his new big boy bed. Thanks Nani and Papa!
He also got a card from Mamaw Johnny (thank you Mamaw)!I know you can all see why I can't resist these two!Mina couldn't wait to put Max's sheets on.The night ended the way all two year old boy birthdays should...Tap out due to a heel lock:)
Mommy loves you soooo much my baby boy.
You have such a passionate nature that makes the sweet so much sweeter.