Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just Breath

Soooooo, we've all been a little busy with daddydatesswimlessonsgymnasticsfirstdayofschoolchildrensmuseumcomputerfixingandhaninout *inhale*
I've been a little preoccupied with life and by the end of the day I've been waaayyyy too exhausted to blog, so here goes our eventful past week and half in pictures:)

Mina had a fun Daddy date last weekend, where she got to pick out big girl earrings:)

We started swim lessons again! Every Monday and Wednesday morning. 

 and I got a new camera! To replace the one I drowned at the beach. I like it better:) It's takes great pictures

and Mina had her first day of gymnastics! She goes on Monday afternoons. I'll try to get more pictures next time, for now this is all I got:)

then, the day Mina had been waiting for finally arrived.........

She's been waiting to wear this outfit for like 3 months

She has 2 classes she takes every Tuesday, "My big,big, world" (social studies) and "Pebbles & Patterns" (math and science).
 It's only been one day but I think she is going to LOVE it!
 The rest of the time we will do school at home:)  We also got a season pass to the Imagine childrens museum!
I think we are going to have some fun here:)
Magnus likes it too!
Max is such a cone head:)
and here are my adorable boys!

I love my boys! I'm nowhere near caught up on the amount of pictures and blog posts I have to do but I'll get around to it, ya know, in my spare time:)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunny side of the street

Well I needed a good cheer up today. What better than a baby shower?! My good friend Misha is expecting next month and today was her shower:) Thrown by the hostess with the mostess, Addie!

I was totally distracting Mina and telling her to go stand next to Misha, and then I took the picture anyway! I'm devilish like that (and then I never got a picture of them together!).  Mina got to participate in the girliness:) One must wear pink cowgirl boots when one is participating in girliness:)

And her buddies Caley and Amelia were there too!
 Hey! Who let a BOY in here?!!

And here is the guest of honor.

With the back lighting you can't even see her glorious belly (who is this amateur photographer anyway?!).   The spread was delicious!
 And Addie made a beautiful (and yummy!) cake:)

We played games, of course.

Pin the baby on the belly!

OK, so in the interest of not hurting little miss Hann we opted for tape instead of pins;) Here's the grand artistry:
I got pictures of the present opening but no actual presents! (I mentioned amateur earlier, right?)

Rest assured there was plenty of awing from all these ladies, and lots of ruffles and cuteness!
Can't wait to meet you baby girl Hann!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gone but not forgotten

Well this post is celebrating the life of such a wonderful friend. We sent Nubi to his eternal rest today. I know you are now at peace, but I miss you. I miss you sitting on my lap and cuddling on the couch. And your super loud snoring and snorting. I not only was used to it, but it was comforting. I remember when we first got you. You were our first baby.
Some early pics...
This one was labled Mom & Son:)

And what a good sport you were at dressing up for Halloween!

I think one of my favorites is when you were an understudy for the Blue Man Group! We spray painted you blue and everyone who petted you got blue on their hands!
I just wish we had gotten pictures of your Elvis and Hulk costumes!  And you loved to eat!
 You helped welcome 3 precious people into our family!
Such a handsome boy!
 who put up with a lot

 and was well loved.

You and John had a complicated relationship.

but there was always love.

I still can't believe you're gone.  You were such a good boy and we will miss you everyday!