Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ladies Night!

Well last night a bunch of us gals got together for a Pajama Pamper Party! We had a blast! WE made some homemade facial masks painted our toes, and relaxed:)I think I was a little too relaxed:)There was also a ton of food (and chocolate!)And of course John's famous margaritas!
The gals also brought their wedding albums so we had fun learning more about each other and reminiscing:)We partied all the way to Jen's Birthday! Happy Birthday Jen!
Our youngest (and most popular) "lady". Ms. Maggie Hays:)We couldn't leave the pampering to just one day, So my family and I made a weekend of it:)We had family pamper day

I guess Max got left out (he was napping) Oh well, he probably would have hated it anyway!
Thanks for all the fun and great memories Ladies! We'll do it again soon!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gotta love to hate

So the kids and I decided to make rice crispy treats last night for Playgroup (which once AGAIN didn't happen! We WILL meet again one day and it will be oh so sweet:) They REALLY had fun!Took turns stirringthen it was time for the good stuff!
Mina loves "rice cakes"! (not exactly honey!)and Max of course.....HATED IT!!! I have this standing joke with my friend Heather that Max is a hater:) It's so true sometimes! He didn't like his hands being sticky!:) But I love 'em. He's still SO cute, even when he's fussin':)Then we found a new pet...
Mina named her "mebaella" and she escaped VERY quickly:) I don't think she was too interested in being a pet:) Good thing we still have puggy:)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

One flew somewhere over the rainbow cuckoo's nest

Max found a new friend today. Well maybe not so much a friend but "plaything"He sure did have fun with this piece of pepperoni I gave him!I didn't really have this in mind, I thought he would EAT it!!
Then the kids had fun doing this....playing with empty juice jugs and watching...yeah, I dunno
Then it wasMOVIE TIME!
Today's cinema:"The Wizard of eyes" as Mina calls it:)
Mina really enjoyed it, and dressed up in her ("Dorothy") red skirt Esther made:)We have one crazy family! I love us:)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today we went to Mina's friend Moira's 5th birthday party! We haven't been to a McDonald's party yet. It was fun! The kids got to play on the indoor playground and then eat happy meals and cake (what more could you ask for when your 5, really?)
They had cute little party hatsFriends Lily and Addy were thereMax always has to be different:)Mina had funGotta love cakeand ice cream!Birthday girl!Happy Birthday Moira! Thanks for inviting us, we had fun:)
Moira handed out little party favors and guess what Mina picked.....Ariel press on nails! So prettyshe was very excited:)and we picked this up @ Fred Meyer todaya "tattoo" sleeve! Now she can be like daddy:)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thanks Mamaw

Well we had ONE last Valentine to open this week, from Mamaw!The kids are diggin' this Valentine stuff:)Sissy helped Max open hisMONEY!So we went out with said money to the thrift store and the kids got pick out their own prize.
Mina got a baby strollerand Max, a "chu chu" (big shocker)Thanks Mamaw!
Here's me kissin' on my cute honeyand him ready for summer:)Tuesday night at parish group we were visited by BatMax!We had a fun (busy) week but I didn't take a lot of pictures. I'll do better next week:)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Weekend

Well I have a lot to post! My folks were over this weekend so not only did we do a lot, but I didn't get much blog time so here goes...
Friday night we went to our favorite Japanese Steakhouse (Susumu in Lynnwood) We hadn't been there in awhile so it was a treat! The kids loved the show!Big fire!Max isn't to sureEveryone likes the volcano:)He even made a heart out of our rice. Awwww.Max LOVED the "dip it"Mina used chopsticks! She's better than me!Max "used" chopsticks (to lick the "dip it" off of:)We all had a great night!The next morning I made a big stack o' blueberry pancakes!Yummy!The kids love to eatYou have to watch your plate or someone will steal your food!Johns not a big breakfast fan (freak!) So he had leftover Japanese food:)"Waddaya want?"
Nubi even got in on itThen we had MORE Valentines to open from Nani and PapaTinkerbell!And Nemo:)Thanks Nani and Papa
Then Papa gave the syrupy kids a bathJohn is ready for summer!:)Mina and Nubi enjoyed movie time with Papaand for dinner....
They'll think twice next time they tell John to "help himself" to the b-b-q packets!!The rest of the night was just silliness
This is how papa gets the kids to quiet down:)
We had a great time with you Nani and Papa thank you for coming to visit, we love you!