Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Merriement

Well here is the low down on our Christmas festivities (I know it's about time!). Christmas Eve at John's Mom's was canceled due to inclement weather. So Nani and Papa slid in early, just in time for synchronized pony rides to the tune of "jingle bells"and the traditional reading of "The night before Christmas"Are these kids ready for Santa or what?We all slept in the next morning and enjoyed fresh baked blueberry scones with our coffee,
and prepared for the mayhem.
"OK enough with the pictures already, let's open presents!"Here's some of the faves......
Max's drumsticks!Mina's princess castleAnd princess barbie collection. Yes, EVERY princess barbie (Thanks Auntie Valerie!)Awww, the puggy ornament!Max was a little unsure about the dinosaur ("saur") he got. It's not going to eat you buddy!
You're supposed play with it!:)He did like his "Bot" howeverMy cute Hubbieand we got my dad an old fashioned ice cream maker! Yummy! Can't wait to use it this summer!Somehow I didn't get a picture of my mom in her cute apron I made her but I will.
Mina and Nani playing a game while we wait for the turkey to cookand frosting Christmas cookies:)Good job guys!The aforementioned (and blogged) turkey!The Christmas feast....Well we must have gone into food coma because I have no pictures after this point! And my folk left (EARLY!) the next frigid morning for the airport to go to Alabama.
Saturday Mina went with her Auntie Lyssa and Uncle John to see the "Beauty and the Beast" Musical. (I need pictures Auntie Lyssa:)Max stayed with Grandma, and John and I had a lovely date afternoon:) Then it was off to FIGHT NIGHT!!
This picture about sums up the evening
My pastor in an apron!
Actually our good friends Lyle and Rachel really outdid themselves and had a full Turkey feast for all in attendance! Thanks guys! The fights were great (even though Forrest lost! Depressing!)
Sunday we had our "make up" Christmas at John's mom's house.
Max scored!
He also got a pirate ship, clothes, a train set and this....
from GRANDMA! If you can believe it! He walked around all day going "bang, bang!" Daddy was proud:)
Mina scored too!She got puzzles, games, books, clothes and of course Princess stuff! Too much to picture here!:)
Uncle John looks a little too happy with his Basil Haydens:) I guess I would be too if I was a bourbon fan:)and the traditional "Seinfeld reference" gifta marble rye!
I'm sure we are not the only ones who didn't get gifts we ordered on time due to weather. John's sister resorted to giving us pictures of our gifts!
Armani cologne, nice!
After guessed itMore eating! Margie got a yummy ham and we stuffed our faces (again!)
These kids love to eat!At home the kids enjoyed their loot:)Not exactly a damsel in distress:)
We had such a wonderful week with family and friends. We are truly blessed.
Thank you everybody! Thank you Jesus!
Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This post has been Rated PG -13 due to graphic violence

All pugs who choose to urinate on my carpet instead of going outside in the cold, will be subject to a new form of punishment.....
(No pugs were harmed in the making of this post. Well, not physically really, maybe just a little mentally.)


Wow, I've been so busy I haven't posted in awhile! Here's all the fun you've missed....
We've definitely been enjoying all the snow. Earlier this week we had a "snow day" with our neighbors, frolicking and sledding!
Oh, the adults had "fun" too!I can never resist a picture of my handsome boys!This week I did a little of this....While John did a little of this...We had plenty of family fun time on the deck

There was also another birthday celebration for my adorable husband
We went to PF Changs, and Mina was so excited to wear her "Mulan" outfit and sip teaShe kept asking when Mulan was coming to eat with us!
Happy birthday Mr. Wonderful!The kids have really enjoyed advent, they can't wait to read our bible story, sing a song and "open a present" (our advent calendar)Last night our activity was baking Christmas cookies
Hey, why are so many cookies missing their Hershey kiss? MAAAAXXX!!!
Today the kids watched Wall-E
And I did this....
mmmmmm, I can't wait for Christmas dinner! Obviously NOT the finished product:) I'll post a picture of me enjoying:)
Well, your pretty much caught up now, I'll keep you posted! (pun was intended, sorry)