Wednesday, March 7, 2012


It's been a little more quiet around these parts.  Well, not really, but not too much has been picture worthy;)We did have some fun introducing the kids to a right of passage.

They were a hit, of course.

 I can't believe how big Mina is getting! Here she is all dressed up for her first book club meeting:)
She is doing so well in school and loves to read American Girl books:) They decided that the next book for book club will be "Little House in the Big Woods":) Should be fun!

Max started Karate! It's pretty cute:)
Here he is practicing his Karate face.
I'm sure I'm right when I say that it's the cutest Karate face EVER:) He's loving it! And doing well:) He can't wait to get his yellow belt:)
I'm sure I'll have more pictures to post next month:)

Here's some random cuteness of Magnus.
 He loves to play his "ee-ha" and sing:)
He's saying more words now but you still have to try to decipher most of it;)
Magdalena is such a beautiful baby!
She is 4 months old now! Time is flying by! She is so sweet and a great sleeper:)
We can't imagine our family without her:)
Stay tuned for next month.  I think someone might be getting a "big boy" bed!