Sunday, April 1, 2012

New stuff

We've had a pretty great March! Here is the low down.....
We started off the month celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday, because I love me some Dr. Seuss:) We had green eggs and ham.  Well, I didn't have any ham so we had green eggs and pancakes:) Mina was NOT a fan!
 The boys didn't seem to mind:)
Although everyday for a week they said "don't make green eggs, mom!" Here I was thinking I was being a cool mom;) We also did a "thing" craft

and some "one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish" jello;)
Everyone liked that:)
Our Big Boy finally got a big boy bed! Before:
He really likes it:) And he's so cute and proud!
I'm not holding my breath on the next big step...big boy potty!
Magdalena started using her Bumbo seat too! I think she likes it:)
Magdalena started rolling over too!
Almost there.....
 Max has been enjoying his Karate.
And we have been enjoying our baby girl:)
I think our horsey is at capacity!
Papa paid a visit to his fan club:)
We started a little Easter countdown this week:) We read some scripture surrounding Holy week, discuss it,  and -of course- the kids get to open an egg with candy in it;)
John and Lena enjoyed some tummy time
and today we dyed some Easter eggs! The kids were pretty excited:)
In true Gaitan fashion, we got Easter egg tattoos!:)

I was taking a picture of Mina tattooing her egg and I managed to catch Max squirting vinegar in his eye

Magnus got a little tired toward the end.

But he perked up a little later:)
Almost done.
We horsed around waiting for the eggs to dry:)
This picture made me remember this
Aww, baby bee:) John spent some time with Magdalena too:)
After the eggs were dry it was time to put on the tattoos!
They sucked!
That's John's "really" face:) The tattoos totally didn't work at all:( The cousins would appreciate Max's response.
So we took matters into our own hands and got some sharpies and drew on them:)
 John's creation
a "Slayer" Easter egg. How appropriate.
The kids did pretty well too
I'm not sure if Magnus made this egg or not but he sure likes it:)
Then we had a nice Skype session with Poppi:)
It was a month of so many new things! Now onto another!