Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Fun!

We started our Halloween day with cards from Mamaw!
Thank you Mamaw! We love you!
Later we went to a Halloween festival at grandma's church. But the question on everyone's mind....Did Max like his costume??Yes!! He wore it all night! And quite proudly I might add
Max, give us your "wild Thing" Face.....So Cute!
My handsome boys

Max and sissy and Pretty Jasmine

We played games

and had a train ride!!

Max liked that too!

But I think his favorite thing was the lollipops!

Thanks Grandma! We had fun!

Monday, October 27, 2008

What the...

OK most of you know that I love to make homemade bread. I don't even buy loaf bread at the store anymore. So this morning I threw everything into the bread maker and headed out with the kids to the library. I arrived home to the wonderful smell of fresh baked bread and went to pull my new loaf out to make sandwiches for lunch, and this is what I found.....

I don't even know what happened! Oh well were eating it anyway, I don't care, It still tastes good. Besides the kids don't care, it's all going the same place anyway!

Note Mina's new abacus in the background that I found at "un"Value Village. I know I go off a lot about how overpriced Value Village is but the truth is I DO find some good reasonably priced things there too. That abacus was only $2! Still I will never get over how much they charge for used clothing. Geez!

Here's what John and I had for lunch.... Thanks again for the recipe Esther!

It really tastes better than it looks I promise!

Bottoms up!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Carvin' Time!

We had a blast last night eating and mutilating pumpkins! First it's the parade of kids in their costumes...

OK usually I don't like monkeys but this one is so cute, I can't help myself!
and how did Max's Max costume turn out?

But Max HATED it!
He wouldn't even walk in it!

All right buddy we'll take it off.

Here's some of the carving action.

I made some really yummy caramel apples but I forgot to take a picture! You'll have to take my word on it:) Here's our yummy roasted seeds.
Max's favorite part was playin' in the guts!
Things got a little rowdy!
And the finished product?


Nubi's costume...
A pimp! He had a pimp hat with a feather in it, but he ate it!:)
WE couldn't help but continue the fun today after church. Mina said she wanted a scary pumpkin and drew this face to carve out,
Dada helped carve.
Nice pumpkin Bee!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkiny goodness

We went to the "The Farm" punkin patch yesterday with playgroup! The kids had a great time petting farm animals and posing for pictures.

WE also got to take a hay ride! Which would have been great if someones kid wasn't screaming and crying the whole time.

Oh wait..... it' was mine!

Max HATED the hay ride. But liked the pumpkins

Children of the corn....

Our tractor driver forgot about us, and the kids got tired of waiting!

Over all a thumbs up day:) More pictures will follow of the carving party tomorrow!

In other news,
One thing my husband HATES is Chinese food. But he loves me so much that he let me order takeout tonight with my parents! I love you honey!
mmmmm Tasters Wok

Here's us attacking the food!

Did John eat any...... NO!

I also made an apple pie with my canned pie filling!

It was pretty darn good if I don't say so myself.