Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled program

So I have several posts to make that come (chronologically) before this one, but the snow interrupted everything else so why not my blog too:) The kids couldn't wait to get to it:)
Get to what exactly? Well, snow ball fights...
and snow angels.
I think Max has the wrong idea.
That's better:)
And there's the tastey snow!
Don't worry, Lena got in on it too:)
A baby snow angel:)
It made me think of this picture of baby Mina.
We got about a foot of snow!
It sure was beautiful!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

December to remeber

Well, we had one busy month (as I'm sure all of you did)! I'll break ours down a little:) Mina's birthday starts us out with a family birthday dinner at Cheesecake Factory!
Then it was time for a fancy birthday brunch with Daddy at Salish Lodge!
Then a big group of our wonderful friends joined us for margaritas and mariachis for John's birthday!
Love my Honey!
We did our family tradition of Lights of Christmas!
The kids helped wrap presents!
We got to go to Grandma's church for Christmas Eve service! The picture is horrible but see if you can see 3 adorable little angels (one with a paci;)!
After service we had a wonderful dinner and opened presents!

Christmas morning was wonderful! We actually slept in till 9! Then ate breakfast before opening gifts:)

Sorry, not too much detail here but it's our holidays in pictures!:)