Saturday, January 30, 2010

Random cuteness

Here's a collection of adorable photos we have taken over the last couple of days:)
Meeting new family members:)

Nubi loves him:)
 Off to see Grandma!

what a cute little guy:)

Meeting Papa for the first time:)

Makin' friends with Tanisha:)
Mina held Magnus during movie time:)
and decided to give him Max's Nessie stuffed animal:)
This morning Magnus got to color with brother and sissy
and hang out in his bouncy chair
Sissy can't get enough
and I think Papa is worn out!
Wonder why!!
and I've said that Mina and Magnus look so much alike. What do you think?
Baby Mina
and Magnus

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby birthday pics

Meet Magnus Blaise Gaitan! Born Jan. 28th @ 2:51am. He weighed 8lbs 3oz and is such a sweet adorable little man! Here are some pics of the BIG day!!!

Everything went perfectly and we are expecting to go home tonight!:) Thank you for all your prayers!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1st Dentist visit!

Well Monday Max had his very first trip to the dentist! And Mina had her like, 5th:) Mina hopped up on the table like a pro!

 Max would NOT go anywhere near the table! In fact he didn't like much of anything! We distracted him with some water

 and the hygienist resorted to brushing his teeth with him standing up!

He did however like his flouride treatment because I told him they were painting his teeth:) He said "that's cool!":) Mina got a fluoride treatment too!

Goofy Bee:) and Max somehow still managed to get a prize even though he fussed the whole time:)

Maybe next time he will sit on the DREADED TABLE OF DEATH!  And earlier today I knew Max was entertaining himself a little too well!:)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Angie Rocks!

I have a good friend who has her own photography business (I don't know how I got so lucky) but she recently did a "belly" photo shoot for me! I must say it turned out so beautifully! (not that I'm surprised:) Check out some of her other wonderful work on her website One Thousand Words Photography. (great name hau?) Here are my favorites of the bunch (it was REALLY hard to choose!)

Is it just me or do I have the cutest kids ever?:)

It wouldn't have been a photo shoot without Mina!

and Max had to get in on the action too:)

More good one's! There's just too many to choose from:)

Absolutely lovely. Thank you so much for the special memories Angie, I feel blessed just to be photographed by you:)