Friday, May 27, 2011

Texas trip

Boy did we have a blast in Texas! So much fun and relaxing crammed into one week:) We traveled on Friday the 13th and everyone did really well considering the 4 hour flight to Austin and then almost 2 hours to San Antonio:) We didn't get in until close to 10 and the sweet cousins were waiting outside to greet us:) We were too busy hugging to take pictures:) But the next night we held a talent show! I know your bummed that I'm not posting video but here are the highlights:)
Jacob did his Tae Kwon Do!

He's really good!
He insisted on leaving on his "awesome" outfit. He had cut the leg out of his pajamas because they had a hole in them and would not let Valerie cut off the other leg because "they look awesome like this";)
Next Max tried his hand at the recorder

Be glad there is no recording of that:)
and a break dance party with some old skool RUN DMC
I think that was Phoebe's (my sissy's cute fuzzy face dog) favorite part:)
Next was piano
My sister is a piano (among many other instruments) teacher, so the boys are quite good:)
Caleb and Valerie played a duet:)
Mina and Max got a mini lesson and a try at it:)
Mina really liked it and would go back off and on while we were there to practice:)
Magnus even got in on it!
and Caleb plays drums too! So he showed us his stuff.
That was about all the talent we could handle and we turned in for the night:) Sunday we traveled to the BEACH! The kids were SO excited! I was too to be honest, they had never been to a real beach with waves before:) Even though it was almost 6pm we wasted no time:)
I love these loving kids!
and this one:)
Nani didn't think they should get too wet before dinner
Too late!:)
Valerie rented a beautiful beach house for the week! It had a "game room" that was a big hit:)
Max was the dealer
and Mina was the bar tender at the tiki bar
Like I said the house was gorgeous but the pictures I took really don't do it justice:) But this is was the "boys room":)
and the awesome kitchen
Monday we hit the beach! Phoebe liked it!
Magnus liked splashing around:)
and hangin' with Auntie!
Mina and Max got to play in the sand!
That night we ate at a yummy seafood restaurant and had this
Key lime pie! It was SOooo good!
Can you guess what we did the next day?
More beach!
It was Doug's birthday! And he wanted pizza (the kids were really sad about that);) So we ate at a pirate pizza place called "The Gaff"!
Actually it was more like a bar but it sure was fun!
The next day we were all pretty pink:) So we decided to get some treats:)
It was krazy ice cream! And before we left we had to go here...
Max was in heaven!
Mina was pretty happy too:)
And we just had to do this!
Back in San Antonio the kids got to go to a fun park
Mina went down the fire pole!
and the kids got to play Wii!
The morning we left we got to swim in their pool!
it was super fun!
Mina was chilaxin:)
and Auntie got some more Magnus time:)
We had such a fabulous time! Thank you Valerie, Doug, Mama, and Daddy for bringing us:) I was so good to see my sissy and her cute boys. I hope I get to see you again soon my Voo! Hmmmm, maybe November;)