Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ma ma ma May

Well another month has gone by! It started much how it ended......with a trip to visit Nani and Papa!
This time there was something special waiting!
What could it be?!
Papa helped Magus with his
They couldn't wait to try um out!
It was too bright out for my poor sun deprived kids! They had big fun!

Here's some of the action:)
Then these stinky kids needed a bath
Magdalena liked the flashlight walks:)
It was a nice visit:) After we got back Magnus was getting into trouble as usual.
And my good friend Addie threw her (3rd?) annual Mother's Day tea! She had it decorated so pretty!

The kids loved it!
The very next day all the knights and princesses in the land were herelded to the birthday party for Sir Grey and Princess Ruby! It was quite the affair.
Mina was up for the task of playing princess;)
So was Magdalena!
Hey, Darth Vader was a knight, right?
Magnus quickly found his place;)
My aforementioned friend Addie was there:)
and they Lady of the Manor, Crystal.
All sorts of fine fellows were in attendance

The only picture I got of the birthday girl!
Magnus on his royal steed:)
It was a fun party!  Like I said, the month ended like it began, at Nani and Papa's:) The weather was nice and the splash park was open!! The kids sure did have fun:)

So did John!
Magdalena was not a big fan.
So she sat with Nani and Papa:)
The next day we had watermelon.
And played on the slip n slide!
Magdalena was the cheering squad:)
Here is one of Mina at about the same age
There was smore eating of course
Magdalena got to try!
John enjoyed it too;)
Best family picture ever!:)
And lots of Papa love:)
Yep, it was a pretty good month! Bring on the summer!