Friday, May 28, 2010

More goings on

We've been busy over here! Well not really, We've had a lot of fun family days and Magnus is just growing like a weed and doing new cool stuff everyday! And he loves his fan club
and they love him

Like his shirt? Here is Max in the same shirt

Ha Ha! In his Chuck Liddel Halloween costume:) Yes that would make him almost 10 months old here.
 Magnus is 4 months old, today! I don't think he can believe it!

and yet another first today, wait for it


 Well kind of
it was SO cute! I would hold the spoon in front of him and he would grab my hand with his chubby fingers and shove the spoon into his mouth! Adorable:)

 Yup, he liked it

and after we tucked the kids in I went back to "check" on them (really just to stare at their cuteness) and found this
 Batmax must've had a long day:) Night, night buddy.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

another first

Well Magnus had a taste of his first food tonight...

What, Ice cream isn't a first food?
I know most people start out with rice cereal

He REALLY liked it!!
 So did the other kids

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some Firsts!

My baby boy will be 4 months old in 3 days!!
 Well Magnus has been busy this week! And making up for it with a ferocious appetite!
He's 16lbs
26" long
17" head
 approximately. I measured him myself, so it's all very scientific.
earlier this week I brushed off the exersaucer in the garage and brought it up to see what he thought.

I think he likes it! He's been hanging out in it for the past couple of days:)Well not exclusively of course;) He had to get out to eat!

and today he graduated to the big kid tub!

Mina and Max had so much fun "washing" him:)

I don't think he minded

Look at all the chub in the tub!
What have the other two been up to?
Bet you wish you didn't ask. (please note Spiderman's choice in footwear)
and Mina was doing this
and I found myself reminiscing  again about yesterday
 and this one too for that matter

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big night and day

Well we've had a big couple of days this weekend! Friday Mina and I went to school orientation for the homeschool resource center she will "attend" in the fall:) She was VERY excited!
Then that evening BOTH Mina and Max had friends Preston and Caitlynn over to spend the night! They wasted no time getting stuff ready:)
and when you have a sleepover you have to have...
PIZZA! The girls called themselves "the fashionables":)
Then it was time for jammies!
foolin' around
 and push pops (specifically requested)
Even Magnus and daddy had fun
and if that wasn't enough, we had movie AND popcorn!
it was exciting for the batman boys!
then it was time to hit the sack!
They weren't up too late- 10 or 11:) and in the morning we had amazing waffles with strawberries and cream! I was too busy stuffing my face to take pictures!! Then we were off to Olympia to my friend Heather's "come see the baby" party! This was about 5 minutes into the drive

I guess they made up for the lack of sleep:) And we got to meet beautiful baby Lilah Claire!
She was so small! and sweet:) Two weeks old and 7 lbs:) None of my babies were ever that small! I didn't realize that I didn't even get a picture of heather with her!! Ack! I thought it was the first picture I took. You'll just have to go to her blog, she takes better pictures than me anyways:) But I did manage to get one of her husband holding my baby!

Wow Magnus looks HUGE next to little Lilah:)

So glad to meet you  little Lilah! Sleep good for your Mama!

Then we decided to take the kids to the rainforest cafe for lunch!
 We got to sit next to the elephants:)

We had been there a couple of years back and Max wasn't much of a fan

so what did he think this time?...

He literally sat like this the entire time! He didn't even want to eat!
 after we left he said he liked it and had fun, he just didn't like the noises:) They got to meet the gecko/frog? I don't know what it was but the kids liked
 Well Mina did anyway, Max refused to make eye contact

Magnus liked it

and Mina LOVED it! She was talking to the elephants! And when we left she said "thank you so much daddy for taking me to the cool restaurant with the fun, fake, animals!"
 Then they wanted to throw money at the alligator:)

Well I'm glad they had fun

and we were off again to Auntie Lexi's church play!

and visited with Auntie Lyssa too:)
and grandma too of course!

They had hot dogs and rootbeer floats after the show!

That was a hit!

Wow it was a crazy day, but we made up for it my sitting around all day today!:)