Sunday, May 6, 2012


Wow! April was one BUSY month! Lots of great fun, memories, and -of course- cute pictures! So grab a cup of coffee, a seat, and settle in! This is going to be a long one:)

VBS!  The month started off great with a little Easter VBS that my friend Addie put together:) There were stories
and crafts


More stories
and dance time:)

Friend Crystal came with her crew:)

It was super fun and the kids had a blast. Very grateful to Addie for putting it together and inviting us along:)
Next Mina had a fun Daddy date at the American Girl bistro:)
Pretty bee!
Hubba Hubba Hubby!
So sweet.
EASTER!  This was such a great day for us! It started at church where our good friends Piko and Bridgett got baptized!
Since John is their community group leader and has been disciplining them, they asked him to baptize them!
It was so awesome to be apart of.
Piko got to baptize his wife.
Such a beautiful couple:)
and great friends!
The service was nice, and Max was sure happy to see Amelia:)
When we got home we had a little photo shoot of the kids in their Easter get up:)
I LOVE this guy!

Magnus must have been taking a nap or something because I have no photos of him!  Later that day, our good friends Bill and Addie invited us over for Easter dinner:) It was wonderful:) Piko and Bridgett were there sporting their baptism shirts!:)
Uncle Pauly showed up...
So did Amy.
Addie had everything set up so lovely.
The men enjoyed doing manly stuff in the backyard.
And the kids had a blast playing.
There was even an egg hunt!
Magdalena enjoyed the sunshine.
Magnus couldn't be bothered with this egg hunting business.
But Magdalena liked it:)
The kids enjoyed their candy.

And Max got to hang out with Sophia. What a ladies man!
Addie and Miss Della.
The hostess with the mostess carved the ham!
And then we ATE!
That didn't take long!
The day ended perfectly. JOHN (yes, JOHN!) singing karaoke to "Spanish Eyes"!
It was great.
Great day from start to finish!

The next weekend I had a little Magdalena photo shoot:)
Eeeeeee so patty! Lena also got to try something else too!
FOOD! Well, rice cereal at lest:) Think she liked it?
She did pretty good:)
We haven't been trying all that often so she still spits out quite a bit, but pretty soon we'll have another little eater on our hands for sure:)

We had a fun time home schooling as well. When the sun is out in Seattle you have to make the most of it, so we'll do school outside to take advantage:)
We had a ladybug tea party, wrote poetry and painted:) It was lovely:) The kids also made a real volcano for history. They are pretty proud of their work:)
Magdalena offers her support for their studies too!
These kids love pancakes for breakfast.
I had a wonderful birthday this month too! My love took me to Hula Hula for pre-funk drinks and then to El Gaucho for a wonderful romantic dinner. I love my man! What a spoiled girl I am:)

The next weekend brought another celebration for both John Gregson and I. We went to a Japanese steakhouse with the fam:)
Magnus enjoyed the show.
And the kids enjoyed the chopsticks.
Magnus had a different use for his chopsticks.
Uncle John got some goods.
And Mina drew him a picture and told him about it.
I got some tasty snacks.
I also got some cozy jammies and a massage gift certificate! Uncle John got some Magdalena time.
My cute boys!
It was a fun evening!
The next day there was more celebrating. This time is was friend Sofia's birthday party!
Big fun!
The kids had a blast!
Max played some air hockey.
Cute kids having fun!
Magdalena had fun too:)
Then it was time for pizza!
The birthday girl!
Throne usurper!
Him and his boy seed.  This gives new meaning to "Game of Thrones"!
Whew! That was quite the month we had! Not sure what May has to bring, but hopefully it will entail more sun and family fun!