Sunday, October 30, 2011

All Hallows Eve Eve

Well, no baby yet. I'm writing this post in the hopes that I will have something "better" to write about tomorrow than Halloween festivities;)

Every year we take the kids to the "Harvest Carnival" at Grandma's church. They didn't really have the carnival this year.  It was more of a pumpkin carving, fire pit, and hot cocoa event. But we went nonetheless, basically so the kids could dress up and we could take pictures:)
We had a beautiful Dorothy:)
A super cute Darth Vader!
and Magnus decided to be an Occupy Wall Street protester!:)

And I don't think Grandpa intended to look like Fidel Castro, but the resemblance is uncanny:)
We had already carved our pumpkins so we skipped that event and just hung out a little while. Then we went back to Grandma's house and the kids raided her candy stash:) It was a fun night:) The plan tomorrow is to do a little trick or treating with our community group. Unless of course Miss Thang decides to make her appearance!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Punkin time!

Well we are in "waiting mode" around here. Waiting for our little girl to decide to come meet us:) In the meantime, we like to stay busy and cozy around here, and decided that this rainy, dreary Friday was perfect for pumpkin carving!
The kids were ready to dive right in!
Even the big kid:)
Mina carved hers all by herself:)
Max just dictated what he wanted:) The resemblance is uncanny;)
Daddy did a nice job with his too:)
Aww, a cute family photo:)
Yes, the little fat one was mysteriously absent from this family activity, but we thought it best to keep sharp objects from him at this point! Maybe next year:)
Here's a cute one from the last day of swim lessons awhile back:)
And we'll see if I can get a blog post done with some finished pics of Mina's AMAZING room makeover before the baby comes:) Here is a preview of her face at the reveal:)
Until next time!