Friday, July 30, 2010

Blog post

MAN have we been busy havin' fun around here the last couple of weeks! Here's some fun with our crazy community group! We ate this

and these!
We played with friends...

Don't even ask about this...
(I love the look on the kids faces;) or this...

We had more BBQ with dear friends Mike and Lilly:)

Lilly made us drinks in her "happy hut"!

and Max got to ride in a mustang!
The chicks dig it and he seemed pleased with himself.

John was embarrassed that his son was driving a Ford!

The kids had a great time.

So did Magnus:)

We also visited with other friends, some of which were from out of town...

and we played in the pool, yes, again:)
it was crazy fun

We also had fun at home.  Bowl of water balloons

+ cute kids

= RUN!
 They got the hang of it!

Gotta LOVE summer!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blast Off!!

So in case you don't remember what Max's room used to look like...

This weekend my mom and dad came out to help re-do the room and make some space for little bro:) We went with a space theme! Complete with a rocket to the moon!:)

the whole family is coming

even Nubi!

and some aliens

We're not quite done yet, the robot decals I got for the walls can't be put on until the paint has time to "cure" and our "death star" planetarium is in the mail, but you get the idea

Here's where Magnus will sleep! (hopefully:)

Max loves his new room!

Love you buddy!
and thank you Nani and Papa!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hot Date!

So our 11 year anniversary was last weekend but we celebrated in style this weekend while my folks were in town to watch the kids! Thanks, Mama and Daddy! We got some photos before we left...

It kinda felt like we were going to the prom with my parents there taking pictures of us!:)  John took me Canlis! We had never been there before so it was fun to try something new:) We got there a little early to enjoy some finely crafted cocktails before dinner:)  My handsome man!

My margarita had persephone foam on top!

I don't know what that is but it was mighty tasty!  We had a wonderful dinner overlooking Lake Union:)

and we had a Canlis signature, the "Cafe Diablo" which was awesome!

It's handmade table side by Mr. Canlis himself (well his grandson anyway) *sorry for the blurry photo*

or in our case the maitre d' because Mr. Canlis was busy at the table next to ours:)

We had him make ours extra strong!

It was a really fun, amazing evening. I really love just hanging out with my man no matter what we do, but it was nice getting all dressed up for a night on the town! We said next time we're getting a limo:) I love you baby and I love our life together!!