Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Fourth!

We had a great 4th! Hope you did too. First we had some family come over.
Ya think Max loves his baby sister?;) Gotta have some eats! Or steal some;)
Mmmmm dessert!
Dinner and a show!
Magdalena was ready:)
Everyone grabbed a seat
The kids sure were excited to play with fireworks!
Daddy was happy to oblige!

My handsome man!
 It was a good time!

Everyone was feeling the love!
Some a little too much maybe;)
Plenty of love to go around:)


Happy 4th!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Well I don't have as many pictures to share this month, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy! See, here in Seattle, IF the sun comes out in June you have to take advantage. So on the one day (yes I said ONE day) We got sun in June the kids and I had a picnic on the beach!
Magdalena liked it:)
We had a nice little visit to Nani and Papa's and soaked up some of their sun! Magdalena got to discover a right of passage playing on the little pink keyboard!:)
Max got some new duds.
And we took him to get a new do! Before:
After! What a handsome boy!
Mina got in on the action too!
Her hair was so long she got to donate it to Locks of Love:)
The finished product
Haha, funny picture:) She really did like it though:)
Magnus didn't get a haircut but he did want in on the car action:)
Ok yeah, he could use a haircut! He's next:) What cute kids!
Next it was ice cream time!
My boys!
After we got home a had a little summer photo shoot with the kids:)


Oh, don't forget Magnus!!

and sweet Magdalena:)

We are one blessed family! 

It finally came summer around here,and the kids finally got to go to the splash park! The water was too cold for Magdalena so she watched happily from the side lines:)
 But the other kids LOVED it!:)

Stay tuned for a special installment fourth of July post!